Why I hate borders

I'm tempted to name this post 'Why I hate borders, part 1' because I feel certain there will be further installments but I don't want to jinx myself. I cut the strips last night and started sewing the them together but I managed to fold the fabric incorrectly before I started cutting and I ended up with 20 short strips to sew together rather than a few long strips. Why oh why?! So now I'm losing a lot of fabric to seam allowances and I'm not certain I'll have enough to make it all the way around the quilt. I have a few pieces of fabric left from piecing this quilt so I will be able to add some of that to the border if I need to. It's such a novice mistake, clearly I have a lot to learn!


Michelle said…
there is a way to sew a strip into a tube and then cut ONE continuous strip...so you sew once...I will find my directions - and what's more - it turns into one continuous bias strip, which is what you'd want for binding anyway.....
Lily said…
I nearly did that last time too. Just managed to avoid it with a final check before I cut!

Hope you make it round the quilt.

Michelle's suggestion sounds intriguing!

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