Quiet time

Hasn't it become quiet around here since I've been trying to post strictly about quilting? I'm going to have to browse online to find some fabric, patterns or quilts that I can file away in my inspiration folder so that I have something post about when things are quiet on the quilting front. There's still no border on the sampler quilt, they are a real hurdle for me and I can't fathom why.
All this wet weather has had us stuck indoors for several weekends now and we're fast running out of things to do that amuse the almost 7yo, the 2yo and the 8mo. Here's a pic of J and me during Sunday's marathon indoor t-ball game. It's a little nerve wracking for mum but it's a lot of fun!
While shopping for milk this afternoon I walked past our local art gallery and saw this beautiful piece in the window. It's by an artist named Yosel Bergner (I've also seen it spelled Yosl but I don't know which is correct) and I have admired his work in this gallery before. It's a gorgeous lithograph and it's reduced as part of their June stocktake clearance and I am sorely tempted to buy it. We don't need it of course, but it's beautiful and I am drawn to it so I want it. I'll have to sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning.


Tonya R said…
nice to see another post from you. certainly been thinking about you, what with that trip to the naive art museum.

There was a gorgeous sweet little still life of a bowl of candy I just thought was wonderful. 650 euros was a bit out of range of "just really liking it". figure it has to be "can't life without it" and I didn't love it that much. be interested to see what you decide on the lithograph.
Lily said…
Well you know that need and want are two different things, but needed things don't make us so happy as wanted things!

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