Freehand fan border

Woohoo! As you can see the sampler quilt is not yet bound but it is already seeing a lot of action. The border wasn't as poorly constructed as I had feared so there isn't too much rippling, I'm certainly much happier with it than I anticipated I would be.

It's been pouring with rain here so we're stuck inside and C has mastered crawling simply so that she can get over to the sliding door hoping to be let out. Here's hoping it's landing in the catchment areas!
I've been trying to get a nice portrait shot of J all week but I'm just getting lot's of this.... It does define being 2 1/2 pretty well though don't you think?


Tonya R said…
the quilt looks great - you did good. that's a wonderfully descriptive pic of a child's energy, that's for sure.
Lily said…
Wow that quilt is a lot bigger than I thought! Glad to see it's already getting some use. Now to get that binding on :)

And isn't the rain wonderful? We're still waiting for ours!
joyce said…
The quilt looks great! That is indeed a 2 1/2 year old incarnate. Once they are both walking it will be even more like that!

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