Tulips for the lady

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've selected a pattern for G's quilt. Michelle suggested a block and I think it will be perfect. There's plenty of opportunity to show the lovely fabrics that G picked but it's a very easy block to construct so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to make it all come together. I'll use a light beige fabric for the background and skinny sashing strips between the blocks like in this photo. I have been trying to get back to the blog I got that photo from but I can't find it anywhere, I added the enlarged photo to my favourites a couple of weeks ago, does anyone recognise it? I'd love to get in touch with the person who made it.

J's quilt is coming along nicely, hopefully that will be at the hand quilting stage soon and I can get started on piecing these lovely tulip blocks.

The adventure race on the weekend was fantastic! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I am already looking forward to doing it all over again. The weather was against us, as was my very limited mountain biking experience so we finished cold, wet, muddy and at the very back of the pack. Hopefully, next time it will be sunny and warm.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

The sampler quilt is bound and I am thrilled with it. I hit a rough patch with this quilt before the borders were on. The border fabrics made a big difference and, of course, all the quilting made a difference as well.
The house has a number 8 embroidered above the door. We're not living there anymore which will give you an idea of how long this project has taken!
We've had some beautiful crisp, sunny weather this week. G and I are doing our first adventure race tomorrow. Kayaking, moutain biking and trail running through some of the beautiful Royal National Park just south of Sydney. I'm very excited about it but also a little nervous.... fingers crossed it all goes well!

Why I hate borders

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm tempted to name this post 'Why I hate borders, part 1' because I feel certain there will be further installments but I don't want to jinx myself. I cut the strips last night and started sewing the them together but I managed to fold the fabric incorrectly before I started cutting and I ended up with 20 short strips to sew together rather than a few long strips. Why oh why?! So now I'm losing a lot of fabric to seam allowances and I'm not certain I'll have enough to make it all the way around the quilt. I have a few pieces of fabric left from piecing this quilt so I will be able to add some of that to the border if I need to. It's such a novice mistake, clearly I have a lot to learn!

Quiet time

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hasn't it become quiet around here since I've been trying to post strictly about quilting? I'm going to have to browse online to find some fabric, patterns or quilts that I can file away in my inspiration folder so that I have something post about when things are quiet on the quilting front. There's still no border on the sampler quilt, they are a real hurdle for me and I can't fathom why.
All this wet weather has had us stuck indoors for several weekends now and we're fast running out of things to do that amuse the almost 7yo, the 2yo and the 8mo. Here's a pic of J and me during Sunday's marathon indoor t-ball game. It's a little nerve wracking for mum but it's a lot of fun!
While shopping for milk this afternoon I walked past our local art gallery and saw this beautiful piece in the window. It's by an artist named Yosel Bergner (I've also seen it spelled Yosl but I don't know which is correct) and I have admired his work in this gallery before. It's a gorgeous lithograph and it's reduced as part of their June stocktake clearance and I am sorely tempted to buy it. We don't need it of course, but it's beautiful and I am drawn to it so I want it. I'll have to sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning.

Freehand fan border

Friday, June 08, 2007

Woohoo! As you can see the sampler quilt is not yet bound but it is already seeing a lot of action. The border wasn't as poorly constructed as I had feared so there isn't too much rippling, I'm certainly much happier with it than I anticipated I would be.

It's been pouring with rain here so we're stuck inside and C has mastered crawling simply so that she can get over to the sliding door hoping to be let out. Here's hoping it's landing in the catchment areas!
I've been trying to get a nice portrait shot of J all week but I'm just getting lot's of this.... It does define being 2 1/2 pretty well though don't you think?

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