I've been tagged by Lily to tell you seven things you didn't know about me. That should be pretty easy because I haven't been blogging for long so there's not much that you do know.
1. I have two younger sisters.
2. I love baked cheesecake but I prefer not to have to cook it myself.
3. I always keep an eye out for abandoned babies, just in case.
4. I always return home hoping that the postie will have delivered a parcel even though this almost never happens.
5. A wooden wombat that I got for my 21st birthday and a ceramic bunny that belonged to my grandmother sit under the hall table by the front door and have had that position at every place we've lived since we married in August 1999.
6. I could eat potatoes every night of the week. Roast them, bake them, cook them in their jackets, boil them, casserole them... I adore it all!
7. I don't drink much alcohol but I love a good vodka cocktail.


Lily said…
I always live in hope re the postie too!

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