Picking a Pattern

G has picked a couple of fabrics with big patterns on them which scared me a little at first but after a few days consideration I am looking forward to finding a way to integrate them into a quilt without diluting their impact. Snowball blocks are a definite possibility, Lady of the Lake blocks are also wonderful and 4 or 9 patch blocks with a few big flowery uncut squares thrown amongst them could also work well.

I only own 1 quilt book and 1 quilting magazine so I don't have much to go on but I'm sure I've already done enough web searches to crash Google!

I'd love to hear some ideas if you've got any. This will only be my 5th quilt and there are so many things I want to try it will be hard to limit myself to 1 or 2 things! I could always do another sampler...

The stroller quilts are bound and ready for the baby's midwinter arrivals. I am so excited about meeting these little bundles. Newborns are just breathtaking!


joyce said…
I love nine patch blocks because there are so many ways of setting them.
Lily said…
Oh congratulations on getting those two quilts finished - esp before the babies arrive!

What about half square triangles? They can also be arranged in so many different patterns.

I too have to choose the next quilt design. It will only be my fourth!
Michelle said…
I am thinking that the fabrics scream 1920's, so what about something like http://quilting.about.com/od/blockofthemonth/ss/tulip_quilt.htm.
Look for other quilts from that era and see what you come up with.

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