Fear of finishing

I am trying hard to blinker myself from the new projects I want to tackle. The allure of uncut fabric and big ideas is much stronger than the wobbly border on my sampler quilt I made in 2004 while I was pregnant with J. I hand cut the border fabric and I really didn't do a good job. When I sewed it on I realised just how much ripple there was but I charged on regardless because I didn't know how to fix it. Soon I had a quilt that just needed quilting in the border and binding but I packed it away and have tried concertedly to avoid it ever since. I've had a few successful projects since then and I am really tired of seeing the sampler every time I pull out some sewing so I am determined to finish it. The outer border needs to be quilted in the ditch and then I doing freehand fans before binding it with a soft green fabric.
For most people making that decision and starting on it is probably the end of it but I seem to have some bizarre affliction where I dread the outcome the entire time I am working on it. It was the same all through school, uni, work, etc. I remember coming home almost in tears from work one day telling Greg that my boss had organised to have coffee with me the following day to 'chat about how things have been going'. I was convinced I was going to be fired but it turned out I'd been doing a great job and they wanted to give me more responsibility. LOL. Can you imagine living like this? Ack!
I firmly believe that practice makes perfect and I am hopeful that practice will also shut off this strange response to uncertainty... in quilting and in life.
I found a very interesting article on fear of failure and fear of finishing. If only agreeing with the author would immediately adjust my emotional response.


Lily said…
I'm sure you'll get the binding on eventually! I must get onto mine, but I am sitting here being 'actively lazy' instead!!

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