Expect the unexpected

Children are amazing little creatures and even though I spend so much time with them I am often surprised at the things that they say or the choices that they make. Yesterday after picking G up from school we went to the quilt shop and she picked out some fabrics for her quilt. I was expecting bright pinks and purples with a few yellows and browns thrown in but this is what she picked.
Really, I didn't know what to say... The first fabric she selected is the pink, cream, brown and yellow stripe at the bottom of the picture and the other fabrics she selected to go with it. She was all about flowers yesterday, as you can see. So, now we just need to settle on a design and then I can get started. That sounds easier than it actually is, I have no idea what I am going to make apart from knowing that there will be a throw size quilt and a dolls size quilt.
The first stroller quilt is almost bound and the second is ready for binding so they should be done shortly. A few more nights on the couch with a good light and I'll be ready to move on to my new projects!


joyce said…
She has very good taste. I love her color choices.
Lily said…
Wow they are some very grown up colour selections - and my it will be a pretty quilt.

And yes, must get myself a decent light to quilt by.

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