Welcome to April

Chargers seem to multiply in my cupboards when I'm not looking, I honestly don't know how it happens. In the past this was a real pain for me because I had to try to remember the individual characteristics of each one, this never worked (a photographic memory not being one of my cerebral qualities) and I would end up going through a lengthy process of trial and error and when that invariably failed, leaving things unpowered until Greg could figure out what went where. It only took me 5yrs but I finally came up with a very simple solution - labels! Now I only need to fuss with cord tangles ;-)

The squares quilting is coming along nicely and I am really pleased with how it's looking. The weather has cooled and I am enjoying spending part of each day engrossed in stitching. Before the end of the week this should be ready for binding and I'll start piecing the cool colours quilt. My new nieces or nephews aren't due til late June and early July so they should be finished in time. I have a feeling there will be one of each so I have the cool colours earmarked for a girl. I wonder what they'll end up with? If my sils (sisters-in-law) know they're not telling!


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