The warm pieced quilt is now quilted! I got the last of it done yesterday while Mr Duyvken, G and J were at the Royal Easter Show. C and I stayed home where it was dry and warm and while she was sleeping I finished quilting the last few rows. I had hoped to quilt it while watching a satisfyingly bad midday movie on Channel 7 but it was some awful film starring Kirstie Alley as a dentist turned tooth fairy. Oh my.
I ironed while watching Partners in Crime earlier in the week and it was a perfect midday movie. It had a predictable plotline, some intense overacting, a bumpy script and enough over-the-top camera work to keep me happy. My favourite example of the latter being the scene that started with a close-up of the protagonists police badge, he then walked backwards out of the shot to reveal a busy airport escalator, the camera closes in on a man who then walks out of the frame to reveal that the FBI field agent we've been waiting for is, in fact, a gorgeous woman. Brilliant! And, she's the protagonist's first wife. Doubly brilliant! I am surprised to read that it was only released in 2000 though, The high waisted pants, shoulder pads and Krispy Kreme cop cliches had me convinced it was earlier than that.
But enough of that, dear reader, let me know show you the quilt.
C enjoyed her half birthday celebrations. She was decidedly non-plussed about us singing at her but when she caught sight of the hot cross bun with the candle in it...


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