Online Shopping

I got a delightful parcel in the mail today from La Redoute. I ordered a summer outfit for my niece, Agatha a week and a half ago and even though I could have had it sent straight to her I had it sent here so that I could see it first to check out the quality, etc. It is just beautiful! It was reduced so with shipping it ended up being quite a reasonable purchase. My sister has been to France several times and always bought beautiful things for my children so I wanted to return the favour by sending some beautiful for her little girl. Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to travel to Paris myself but this is definitely the next best thing.
I speak french but the website's ordering process is quite intuitive and was very easy to use, I think even a non-french speaker would be able to figure their way through it.


Anonymous said…
What a sweet outfit.
Lily said…
That is just a devine outfit. Don't tempt me so!!!

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