Cool quilting

The quilting on the cool toned quilt is coming along nicely. I'm probably half finished so I am hoping to have it ready for binding by the end of the weekend and then I'll have to decide what colours to use for the binding. I have quite a lot of solid fabric left over from the single bed quilt I am making for J so I'll choose one of those. J's quilt definitely took a back seat when I started fretting about how it was going to turn out. I'm feeling much more philosophical about it now. I love the fabrics and I really like the pattern so there's a good chance I'll like the end result. Even if I don't, I am sure that Jem will like it and if it is totally trashed after a few years of use I won't be heartbroken about it ;-)
Sewing these stroller quilts for my soon-to-be nieces or nephews makes me think I should also make one for C.I've been thinking about reds and whites for hers but after seeing the beautiful LOVE quilts that Lazy Gal and Quiltville have made I am tempted to add a few LOVE blocks. That's blatantly ripping off someone else's idea so I should be careful how I approach it for fear of doing the wrong thing. I don't know how all this blog etiquette works yet. I won't be starting that project until I have started something for G though so I have some time to figure it all out. (A quick email to Lazy Gal should do the trick.) G has been waiting very patiently for me to get around to doing something for her so she is definitely next on the list!


Lily said…
Nice job on the hand quilting! Coming together very nicely indeed.

Tonya would be very happy for you to try out the love blocks. The way copyright works for quilters is that you can use anyone's idea, pattern, colour combos, etc. to make your own quilts. The caveat is that if you are making quilts to sell you have to come up with something original. If you base your something orignal on someone else's idea, it should be noted. You cannot sell quilts made from a pattern unless you've paid for the rights to do so. However, if you are quilting purely for pleasure/non-commercial uses, you can do just about whatever you want!!

But go ahead and email Tonya. She'll be thrilled.
Tonya R said…
Lily is right - Tonya would be very happy for you to try out the LOVE blocks. If I felt otherwise, I wouldn't have the directions posted for how to do so. I happen to think that L O V E are great to learn how to free-piece letters. Do a few of them and you'll really get the hang of it.

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