Cool Quilt Pieced and Sandwiched

I love some of the quilting jargon, sandwiching is definitely my favourite term so far. It has a very sensible ring to it and describes so succinctly the process putting the 3 components together I can't imagine anyone gets lost at this stage. Even as a novice quilter I knew what to do when asked to sandwich my front, batting and backing fabric.
The cool top is pieced and sandwiched and ready for quilting. I recut all the squares so the corners are much tidier than in the warm quilt. I thought I had 12cm square blocks but on recutting I discovered that I had some 12cm square blocks, some 12cm x 12.3cm blocks and even a few 12cm x 13cm blocks. I definitely need to play more with my rotary cutter!
I am quilting this with the blue glazed cotton and repeating the echo squares I used on the warm top.


Lily said…
Nice to see some progress - wish I had a bit more here!

yes those rotary cutters have a way of running off by themselves!
joyce said…
I think most quilters have to trim their blocks to get them the same size. Love your quilt!

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