Online Shopping

Monday, April 23, 2007

I got a delightful parcel in the mail today from La Redoute. I ordered a summer outfit for my niece, Agatha a week and a half ago and even though I could have had it sent straight to her I had it sent here so that I could see it first to check out the quality, etc. It is just beautiful! It was reduced so with shipping it ended up being quite a reasonable purchase. My sister has been to France several times and always bought beautiful things for my children so I wanted to return the favour by sending some beautiful for her little girl. Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to travel to Paris myself but this is definitely the next best thing.
I speak french but the website's ordering process is quite intuitive and was very easy to use, I think even a non-french speaker would be able to figure their way through it.

Cool quilting

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The quilting on the cool toned quilt is coming along nicely. I'm probably half finished so I am hoping to have it ready for binding by the end of the weekend and then I'll have to decide what colours to use for the binding. I have quite a lot of solid fabric left over from the single bed quilt I am making for J so I'll choose one of those. J's quilt definitely took a back seat when I started fretting about how it was going to turn out. I'm feeling much more philosophical about it now. I love the fabrics and I really like the pattern so there's a good chance I'll like the end result. Even if I don't, I am sure that Jem will like it and if it is totally trashed after a few years of use I won't be heartbroken about it ;-)
Sewing these stroller quilts for my soon-to-be nieces or nephews makes me think I should also make one for C.I've been thinking about reds and whites for hers but after seeing the beautiful LOVE quilts that Lazy Gal and Quiltville have made I am tempted to add a few LOVE blocks. That's blatantly ripping off someone else's idea so I should be careful how I approach it for fear of doing the wrong thing. I don't know how all this blog etiquette works yet. I won't be starting that project until I have started something for G though so I have some time to figure it all out. (A quick email to Lazy Gal should do the trick.) G has been waiting very patiently for me to get around to doing something for her so she is definitely next on the list!

Cool Quilt Pieced and Sandwiched

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love some of the quilting jargon, sandwiching is definitely my favourite term so far. It has a very sensible ring to it and describes so succinctly the process putting the 3 components together I can't imagine anyone gets lost at this stage. Even as a novice quilter I knew what to do when asked to sandwich my front, batting and backing fabric.
The cool top is pieced and sandwiched and ready for quilting. I recut all the squares so the corners are much tidier than in the warm quilt. I thought I had 12cm square blocks but on recutting I discovered that I had some 12cm square blocks, some 12cm x 12.3cm blocks and even a few 12cm x 13cm blocks. I definitely need to play more with my rotary cutter!
I am quilting this with the blue glazed cotton and repeating the echo squares I used on the warm top.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

The warm pieced quilt is now quilted! I got the last of it done yesterday while Mr Duyvken, G and J were at the Royal Easter Show. C and I stayed home where it was dry and warm and while she was sleeping I finished quilting the last few rows. I had hoped to quilt it while watching a satisfyingly bad midday movie on Channel 7 but it was some awful film starring Kirstie Alley as a dentist turned tooth fairy. Oh my.
I ironed while watching Partners in Crime earlier in the week and it was a perfect midday movie. It had a predictable plotline, some intense overacting, a bumpy script and enough over-the-top camera work to keep me happy. My favourite example of the latter being the scene that started with a close-up of the protagonists police badge, he then walked backwards out of the shot to reveal a busy airport escalator, the camera closes in on a man who then walks out of the frame to reveal that the FBI field agent we've been waiting for is, in fact, a gorgeous woman. Brilliant! And, she's the protagonist's first wife. Doubly brilliant! I am surprised to read that it was only released in 2000 though, The high waisted pants, shoulder pads and Krispy Kreme cop cliches had me convinced it was earlier than that.
But enough of that, dear reader, let me know show you the quilt.
C enjoyed her half birthday celebrations. She was decidedly non-plussed about us singing at her but when she caught sight of the hot cross bun with the candle in it...

Rocky road to smooth the path

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mr Duyvken had a rough day at work yesterday and came home feeling drained. It's just the usual frustrations and limitations of corporate life combined with the fact that he hasn't had a break since Christmas but it is hard to see him feeling so unenthused about work. Hopefully the Easter long weekend will recharge his batteries and renew him for the months ahead. We celebrate C's half birthday on Friday, Mr Duyvken's 32nd birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday so I am expecting to be worn out and a few kgs heavier on Monday.
A friend shared her rocky road recipe with me on the weekend and it was so fiendishly simple I had to try it out. You only need 3 minutes - seriously.

Start with this -
And you end up with this -

Melt the chocolate in a ceramic bowl in the microwave at 600 watts for 1 minute, stir with a metal spoon and return to the microwave for another minute at 600 watts. Take 125g of marshmallows, cut them in half (I used kitchen scissors), stir through the melted chocolate and pour into a slice tin lined with baking paper. Put it in the fridge to set and then cut into squares. The original recipe calls for jubes (my friend used Gummi snakes) but I prefer the chocolate, marshmallow and nut combination myself.

I've packed it up for Mr Duyvken to take to work tomorrow to share with his team. It wasn't perfectly square so I did have to taste test a little to even it up, we wouldn't want anyone getting an uneven portion now, would we?

Welcome to April

Monday, April 02, 2007

Chargers seem to multiply in my cupboards when I'm not looking, I honestly don't know how it happens. In the past this was a real pain for me because I had to try to remember the individual characteristics of each one, this never worked (a photographic memory not being one of my cerebral qualities) and I would end up going through a lengthy process of trial and error and when that invariably failed, leaving things unpowered until Greg could figure out what went where. It only took me 5yrs but I finally came up with a very simple solution - labels! Now I only need to fuss with cord tangles ;-)

The squares quilting is coming along nicely and I am really pleased with how it's looking. The weather has cooled and I am enjoying spending part of each day engrossed in stitching. Before the end of the week this should be ready for binding and I'll start piecing the cool colours quilt. My new nieces or nephews aren't due til late June and early July so they should be finished in time. I have a feeling there will be one of each so I have the cool colours earmarked for a girl. I wonder what they'll end up with? If my sils (sisters-in-law) know they're not telling!

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