Writing a sympathy card

One of Mr Duyvken's aunts has passed away and we are faced with the sad task of writing a note to send our condolences to her family. They live in South Africa so we don't see them often but we're family so I want to make sure that we send something personal.

When my darling dad died in 2004 a few days before J's birth we were heartbroken. The cards and notes we received meant more than I had anticipated. The cards where people had taken the time to include memories of him were especially comforting to read. Somehow, knowing that his loss was being felt by others made a difference. It didn't lessen our grief but it did make us smile and give us a chance to learn about the impact this very modest and wonderful man had during his life.

I reflected on the time we had spent with her, the delight she took in playing with G, the funny stories she shared with us about when Mr Duyvken's mum was a child and how warm and welcoming she was despite being so sick even then.

Much to my surprise, there are plenty of online sources for sympathy card etiquette. I shouldn't be surprised of course, there seem to be websites devoted to all manner of esoteric things but who knew there would be a website called http://www.how-to-write-a-sympathy-card.com/ ? They all seem to offer good advice, except perhaps for the comment on the http://www.ehow.com/how_3843_write-sympathy-card.html site saying:
Losing a pet - Remember that pets are just as important as people. A sympathy card would provide a little comfort at a time of loss.
WHAT?! Methinks somebody needs a reality check.... but I digress.
My tips for writing a sympathy card are simple - share some memories of the person who has died and write from the heart. You may never know how much your words will mean...


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