What a difference a machine makes!

This is my first machine pieced quilt and I can't believe how quickly it came together. It's not large, just big enough to be comfy as a snuggle quilt in the stroller or the capsule or tucked around baby in the bassinet or cot. The back is even pieced and I got it all done today while J and C were napping.
It is also my first proper rotary cutting project and I am going to need some more practice there. The squares look fine but when I started stitching them together I realised that they are slightly rectangular. Not all the corners meet but I'm not precious about that for this quilt. The fabric is busy so they don't stand out and it's a purely utilitatian baby gift. Do people use templates when they rotary cut or use the measurements laid out on the cutting mat? I went by the cutting mat but obviously didn't line everything up quite right, the squares are out by only a couple of millimetres but once you stitch a row of those together it can make quite a difference.
I've run out of the pins so I'll be stopping by the fabric store on the way home from school pick-up this afternoon and then I'll have a nice hand-quilting project for the weekend.
We're going to a 40th birthday party this evening , a breakfast tomorrow morning and G is going to a birthday party at the Wildflower Gardens tomorrow afternoon so it's going to be a very celebratory and cheery weekend!


Lily said…
I use an acrylic square ruler for mine. A bit fiddly, as you can only cut two sides before rotating, but works best for me. I have a 6.5 inch square, as well as a longer one that is 12.5 inches by 4.5 inches. They seem to cover most sizes :)

The top looks beautiful :)

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