One step foward two steps back

My unpicker and I are becoming very chummy of late. First I decided that I would ditch the machine quilting in favour of fans and then I decided that I would ditch the fans in favour of sqaures of quilting within each block. The fans are lovely but because this quilt is just a basic block quilt I feel that repeating the block motif within each block will look stronger. That's the idea anyway ;-)

I am all unpicked and about one quarter of the way through the (re)quilting. Hopefully I will have some photos to share over the weekend. I briefly considered the idea of continuing with the fans but tossed it aside pretty quickly. Starting again with the squares isn't going to cost me much time and it should mean that I am much happier with the end result.It's hard to see the bigger picture when I am engrossed in something, not just in craft projects but also in life, and I am trying to make a habit of pulling back regularly, reflecting on where I am at and making sure that I am on the right track.


Lily said…
Wow! You are committed. I would be too scared to do so much unpicking as I have a tendency to accidentally rip through the fabric as well as the thread. Oops.

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