The universe is against me

My sewing machine is broken.

'What? Isn't it brand new,' I hear you cry.
'Well, yes, indeed it is. Thank you for pointing that out.' I reply.

I don't know exactly what is wrong with it but the bobbin housing shudders all over the place when I start the motor. It's a big problem because I haven't even figured out how to take the cover off yet to get in there and see what's going on. I put it away when we were getting ready for C's baptism and I haven't set it up again yet. I'm going to need the instruction manual, a glass of asti and a lot of good luck. Hopefully I'll have it up and running again before the end of the week because I am very close to having the quilt top finished and then I can get on with the hand quilting.

I'm also losing confidence in the pattern. Will it look all retro and tidy when it's finished or will it just look bland? I saw a beautiful doona cover at from Sheridan on the weekend and loved it. (The Sheridan website seems to be down otherwise I would add the link.) It has a big block of patterned fabric, and the narrower widths of accent colours and patterns that I'd been thinking about doing when I first started this project. But then I got sucked into the idea of liberated sqaures and now I am a collapsing under the weight of indecision.

Do I follow my mother's advice - first thoughts are best thoughts - and stick with what I've started or do I use what I've already got as a strip in a big-scale pieced quilt top?


Lily said…
Oh no re the machine - no good. Let's hope that glass of asti works its magic :)

Re the quilt top, why don't you print out a picture of the Sheridan quilt, put it next to your pattern/WIP for a few days and mull over it? inspiration might follow!

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