Things I love

All our little ones are tucked up in the one bedroom and I love walking past their door and seeing all the names lined up one after the other. Althought there are down sides to having them all in together. e.g. It's not always easy to get them to fall asleep at night. Lately we've been finding G and J sitting together on the floor between the bunk and the cot looking at books or J half way up the ladder to the top bunk where he no doubt hopes to harrass his already sleeping sister well after we've tucked them in for the night. And with the recent hot weather and 3 little bodies all breathing in a relatively small space it's been getting pretty stuffy in there!

G and J have shared a room since he was about 3mths old so they're old hands at it but moving them into a bunk has added a new dimension. They are definitely the 'big kids' now and J is loving every minute of it.

Walk just a little further down the hall and you see this:

G didn't want anyone to feel left out ;-)


Simonetta said…
I love these letters. Also my 2 babies only sleep in a room, I think to when they will grow, but I cannot make two bedrooms!
Lily said…
Wow three in one room!

And my husband loves the name Jeremiah!

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