New projects

Yes, I know I haven't finished my current project yet but my machine still isn't working so I started cutting out pieces for my next projects. Both my sisters in law are expecting babies in June and I want to make a small quilt for each bub. I like the look of those quilts that are plain square blocks separated by 4-patch blocks. I can't find any photos of what I'm thinking of even though I know I've seen them in the past. Here is a beautiful red and blue 9-patch that will give you an idea of what I am talking about.

I'm going to make one using cool toned fabrics and the other using warm toned fabrics with a black and cream fabric that I used in J's castle quilt to set off the colour.

I was chatting with G today about the flying geese quilt that she is patiently waiting for me to start for her and we found this photo that she loves. I am looking forward to going fabric shopping with her, she's such a darling little thing. I love the greens and yellows in this picture but I know we'll be coming home with plenty of pinks and purples. 6 1/2 year olds know what they like :-)

So, still no working machine but lot's of pretty pictures. I don't know the provenance of any of the photos I have put here if you know where they're from please let me know and I'll give credit where it's due.


joyce said…
I love 9patch quilts because there are so many ways of arranging them. The flying geese spread in very nice. I'll be watching to see what colors you chose.
Lily said…
Ooh I like that blue and red 9patch a lot!

Reminds me I must start stitching the flying geese for Campbell's quilt or it's never going to get made!

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