Everything old is new again

Agatha arrived on Feb 1st in Boston, MA weighing a very slight 6lbs 4oz and measuring 18 inches long. I should convert that into metric because I don't actually have any concept of what that is short of knowing that it's slightly less than my G weighed at birth and roughly the same length. She was born by emergency c-section because her heart rate was dropping with each contraction and my sister's blood pressure was high. Isn't she perfect?

They chose the name Agatha very early into the pregnancy and it's a wonderful stately old name. Those older names have been making a comeback in recent years, the Kylies and Amandas of my youth have been replaced by Emmas and Amelias. I grew up rarely meeting anyone else with my name (Amelia) and over the past few years I have had to get used to hearing it screamed out at playgrounds and in shopping centres. I still turn around everytime I hear it but I am bound to adjust soon because there are 2 Amelias in G's class, can you believe it? And there are 3 Graces - so much for our thoughts that it was a name that was feminine, easy to spell and not too run of the mill. We wouldn't change it though, it's a beautiful name and clearly we weren't the only people who thought so.

So, I now have 2 nieces, Agatha and Lily and 2 daughters, Grace and Charlotte. It's like roll call at the local retirement village, don't you think? I love the connotations of these names; femininity, grace, steadfastness, tea in nice china cups, etc. I imagine them all to be practical, capable girls. Heroines straight out of any Oxford Classics title.

We'd like to have another baby, I feel like there is one more little soul out there waiting to join our family and for some reason I think it will be a girl. I'd like to name her Willa after one of my favourite authors, Willa Cather. I wanted to give Charlotte this name but I couldn't talk Mr Duyvken around. Willa was always second on his list of girl's names with Ava and Charlotte vying for top position and I was never definite enough about it being THE name. Next time around I will take a much firmer stance ;-)


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Lily said…
Wow! Agatha!

My given name is Lorraine - there's one name that has not made a comeback!!
Lily said…
Oh and Agatha is beautiful. What a little angel!
Duyvken said…
LOL Lily, never say never. Romily might decide it's the best name ever and give it to her own little girl one day.

They're getting lot's of interesting comments when they introduce their little girl :-)

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