Waiting to be auntyfied

for the 3rd time. My sister who lives in Boston is expecting her first child on Feb 3 but had anticipated being induced on Australia Day because of high blood pressure. I didn't sleep very well last night thinking that I might be woken at any hour with news of baby's safe arrival but the phone didn't ring so I woke up feeling quite disappointed. She rang mum at 1am to say that her blood pressure was under control so she wasn't being induced. She'd left the house with her packed bag and was not expecting to return home still pregnant so she didn't quite know what to do with herself. I hope she isn't kept waiting too long. My 3 babies were all late so I know what it is like to have that due date come and go. It is not fun. Hopefully baby B will be kinder to mum and dad!


Lily said…
Oooooh! How exciting. Yep another producer of late babies here - Romy finally came out at 41+ weeks after the labour was induced and cripes it was long and horrible! Let's hope the bubba decides to come out all by herself!
fiona said…
Hi Amelia! Thanks for leaving the link to your lovely blog. Congratulations on your impending Auntydom. ;)

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