Things I love

In my post about our new stove you might have noticed the utensils hanging above it. They were a gift from Mr Duyvken's grandmother for my kitchen tea before we were married. They were hers and hung in her kitchen until she moved into a retirement village. She got them in Holland before they emigrated to South Africa. I love having them. They have been soldered and repaired, the spoons have worn down sides from all the stirring she did over the years lovingly preparing dinner for her 8 children. I picture her with toddlers at her feet and a baby on her hip stirring a big pot of soup sometimes when I am using the spoon to prepare dinner or the spatula to ice cupcakes... mothering and nurturing my children as she mothered and nurtured hers. There's something special about having these in our kitchen, a daily reminder of heritage, family and the passing of time. I plan on taking good care of these family heirlooms, using them daily but maintaining them so that I can pass them along when the time comes. Of course, it will only be for someone VERY special that I let these babies leave my house :-) Thank you Oma.


Lily said…
Your kids will have to work hard to earn their inheritance rights!

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