Thank goodness for cousins

Mr Duyvken's cousin and her 2 children came over this morning for a play date. It was too hot for the kids to run around outside much but they had a great time playing inside and then watched a couple of episodes of Dora the Explorer and ate a pile of fruit toast and bananas while she and I caught up. Well, we tried to catch up but all mums know how hard that is... we did manage to follow a few lines of conversation in between the regular interruptions of children needing sunscreen, hats, trips to the bathroom and requests for food and drink. I don't know how I'll ever get back into the groove of conversing once the children are all at school. Her youngest starts pre-school in 2 weeks so uninterrupted grown-up time is in her immediate future but I am still years away! I honestly wonder if I'll get the groove back or if all these years as a full-time mum will make it almost impossible to regain?

After a couple of hours at our place G went home with them for a swim and while J and C were napping I pulled out my sewing machine and got a few more blocks sorted out. I'm nearly ready to sew the rows together. Hopefully I'll get the last few done tomorrow and I can put it all together before the end of the week.

I hope it all comes together well, I'm having a hard time picturing how it will look once it's all pieced but I have a few ideas in case the zoo fabric isn't standing out enough. We'll see if I need to resort to piano keys at the top at bottom of the quilt or zoo fabric binding.


Lily said…
Oh yeah I'm with you on the stilted conversation thing!! Much better to let the kids play, have a cup of tea together and then ater at night when you're both home, call each other for a proper chat!!

Good luck with the quilt - you never quite know how it will turn out until you put it all together!

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