Love Friday night outings

I love going out on Friday nights and kicking the weekend off. It always seem to lengthen the weekend and it gives Mr Duyvken a chance to shake off the working week. Like all families we have our old favourites, the places we visit again and again but it is always nice to go somewhere new so tonight, we went down to Brighton-le-Sands for a play on the beach and a sunset dinner of avocado and cucumber sushi rolls. J isn't much of a beach boy, there's something about walking on sand that he really doesn't like so he stood on the steps looking across the Bay watching the planes come in to land at Mascot airport. He was in heaven. G, on the other hand is a total beach fiend and she was racing across the sand, chasing seagulls and digging holes until darkness fell and C started getting restless.

There's a cool change rolling in and some beautiful lightning flashing across the sky... after the heat and humidity of the day it's very welcome.


Lily said…
Hey! Welcome back to the land of blog!

Congratulations a) on the arrival of your beautiful daughter; b) on having such lovely bigger children; and c) on finishing the dragon quilt!!

Happy New Year. Congrats too on the new machine. Sounds like you're friends already :)

(Oh you might like to update your profile too!!)
Duyvken said…
Thanks Lily, it's good to be back. And thanks for reminding me about my profile, I'd forgotten all about it!

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