I love a good before and after

it's almost like living in my own redecorating program. Only not.... However, I do have before and after photos to share and a wonderful new stove to cook on. After 15mths of only having 3 working hotplates and a somewhat temperamental thermostat it is blissful to have a new stove to explore. It feels like a new world of dinner possibilities are opening up before us.

One of our resolutions for 2007 is to add a few new meals to our weekly repertoire. We eat a fairly varied and healthy vegetarian diet but over the last 2 years we've found ourselves eating the same 6 or 7 things week after week. Our new 'toy' should make this resolution a whole lot easier to stick to.

Our kitchen is original to the house and it's a reasonable size but there are 3 doors which makes the layout rather strange. Why does a kitchen need 3 access points?!


Lily said…
You won't know yourself!

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