Happy bunkbedders

What a night! In fact, what a day! It has been very hot today. Properly, sweatily, stickily, nastily hot. G and J played outside this morning building a house from the cardboard box our new oven came in (completely ignoring the beautiful play structure that daddy spent a week in October constructing) until 10:30 when it was simply too hot to stay outside. We worked our way through all our favourite indoor activities and a few loads of laundry and then decided to go for a drive so we could enjoy the air conditioning in the car. I could have sat in there all afternoon if diapers didn't need changing and babies didn't need feeding ;-)

I couldn't figure out why the kids were at such a fever pitch of excitement and put it down to the heat until I remembered that Mr Duyvken had promised to set up the bunkbed for them tonight. C is moving into the bedroom with them, J is moving out of the cot to make room for her and as there isn't room in there for 2 single beds and a cot Mr Duyvken built a bunk for G and J to share.

It was as if Christmas had come again, they were so excited about it. J's first night in a big boy bed.... mum was right, children really do grow up too fast.

We've just put up the curtain rail so I can make some blockout curtains to hang in their room to keep the morning sun and heat out and also to dress the place up a bit. This weekend we need to buy Jem some sheets and a doona cover and I need to get cracking on his quilt so that the room looks nice. I want to have it finished before C's baptism on Feb 4th. Can it be done? We'll soon see!


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