A long time between drinks

It has been far too long between posts, I never really got the blog properly underway before it slipped into the ether of my 3rd pregnancy. I had so many pojects and plans for 2006 but the one I am most proud of and excited about when I look back on the year is the only one I wasn't anticipating.

C was born on October 6 and it has been delightful to watch her grow over the past 9wks and to see how wonderfully her big brother and sister have taken to her. We knew that G would enjoy having another baby in the house but J has taken us by surprise. He is very proud of his little sister, taking everyone who comes to the house by the hand and leading them down the hallway to the bassinet when she is sleeping. He coos over her, kisses her softly on the cheeks and comes to find me as soon as she starts crying to let me know that she needs me. He is a very gentle little guy and with his 2nd birthday this Sunday we want to make sure it's extra special for him. That means cupcakes and bubbles... lot's of bubbles!

I finished the castle quilt, it is all hand pieced, quilted and bound and J loves it. I still haven't embroidered a dragon against the main castle wall yet but I need to get hold of something other than DMC cross stitch thread to do that. My attempts so far have resulted in lot's of shredded thread, it just doesn't hold up to being pulled through the batting.


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