Advent Activity Calendar

I was inspired by the advent activity calendars that I saw on so many craft blogs last Christmas so as November drew to a close I sat down with my daughter and made a list of activities we could do as a family. It wasn't easy coming up with 24 ideas that we'd be able to work into our daily schedule but we got there and it has been a roaring success. G wrote all the activities on index cards in her beautiful 6yo handwriting and we placed each card in a numbered red paisley envelope. I cut down a cardboard box, covered it in white wrapping paper, dressed it up with a ribbon and we were done. That makes it sound like a much quicker project than it actually was, G was determined to write every card herself so we did it over the course of a day doing just a few cards at a time. Truthfully, I was pretty over it by the end of the day but I am glad we stuck it out and I adore seeing her handwriting each time we open an envelope.

Today's activity is making rice shakers for the kids to play with when we are at the in-laws for Christmas. I've got plenty of toilet paper rolls, rice, christmas wrapping paper and contact set up so that we are ready to start when G gets home from school. Hopefully we'll be able to get it done in the precious window of time before babies need feeding and bathing!


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