Back on track!

I have two pieces of exciting news today. Firstly I am 8wks pregnant and suffering hideous morning sickness which is the norm for me, unfortunately. But, it doesn't last forever and
I can't wait to hold this new little life for the first time. Secondly, after a pregnancy and heat induced hiatus I have picked up the quilt again and have started the free form fans on the border. This is HUGE for me as I seem to have developed a fear of quilting borders and sewing on binding. It may not be perfect but at least it will be done!


dot said…
Looks good so far
Lily said…
OMG how exciting! Poor you with the morning sickness and heat to put up with. But oh my how wonderful!

I've been checking your blog for days wondering where you were and am happy to see you've taken up the quilt again!
shellyC said…
Big Big Congratulations!!! Hope the morning sickness eases!!!

Good on you with your quilting...looks are braver than I am!!
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