Look ma, no hoop!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do you like the toile I used for the backing fabric? I was going to use some as applique on the front of the quilt as well but I decided to stick with embroidery.

We watched Capote last night and I worked away on my freeform fans while enjoying the movie. I have struggled with fitting the hoop on the borders and managing to hold the fabric tightly enough to end up with even stitches so I went hoop-free and it worked beautifully. If the weather doesn't heat up too much I should be able to finish the border in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to put the final stitch in the binding and give myself a little pat on the back for completing a quilt. But, I mustn't get too far ahead of myself, there are a lot of stitches to sew before I get to that point.

I bought a linocut from Littlest Flower for Mr Duyvken for valentine's day and he loved it. The japanese paper is so delicate, I must make an effort to visit Ikea to get one of the ribba frames to put it in so we can get it out of the post tube and up on the wall. She was incredibly generous and included another of her prints as well so we now own two beautiful pieces.

Back on track!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I have two pieces of exciting news today. Firstly I am 8wks pregnant and suffering hideous morning sickness which is the norm for me, unfortunately. But, it doesn't last forever and
I can't wait to hold this new little life for the first time. Secondly, after a pregnancy and heat induced hiatus I have picked up the quilt again and have started the free form fans on the border. This is HUGE for me as I seem to have developed a fear of quilting borders and sewing on binding. It may not be perfect but at least it will be done!

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