What a wonderful break!

We had a great time up north despite the fact that it rained for the first couple if days. It cleared up enough for us to enjoy a swim in the breaking waves (G loved it, J hated it) and a stroll through Forster. G went to see Chicken Little with Oma while Mr Duyvken, J and I visited Sugarcreek Toymakers. Everything is so beautiful! The wildflower faeries, the chickens, the bride and groom, the owl, the chunky toys, etc but my hands down favourite is the nativity set. Everything is made by hand and you can see into the workshop from the small store. I haven't yet bought anything (amazing given the number of times I have been in) but that's simply because everything is so desirable it's almost impossible to settle on just one thing to bring home with me.

We drove to the Hunter Valley on the way back to Sydney and stopped at the Hunter Valley Gardens. The entry fee was more than we'd anticipated ($18 per adult, $9 per child aged 6 and over) but we figured we're on holiday so we might as well just enjoy it. They have a story book section for children featuring popular, rhymes and children's stories. This is G tumbling down with Jack and Jill.

We also visited Coopers Winery and the Binnorie Dairy store to buy some of our favourite marinated feta. We also bought a jar of labna and some herb and garlic fromage frais. Last time we bought the feta we devoured it in one sitting so we're hoping for more restraint this time around. I see a wine and cheese night in our future!

I didn't do a stitch of quilting but it was a wonderful little holiday.


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