Quilt #1

This is the quilt I started making in 2004 and which, as you can see, is not yet finished. Cutting the border fabric nearly drove me insane, I really need to get a rotary cutter to help me out with cutting in straight lines. Who knew that would be so difficult?! So it has a delightfully wrinkled effect around the edges and I've been uncertain as how to quilt the borders as a result. So, once the castle quilt is finished and bound I will move on to finishing this one before I start any new projects.
We are heading up north for a few days and are hoping for a return of the sunny summer that's still lingering in 2005. See you on Saturday!


Tonya R said…
oh yeah, rotary cutters are marvelous.
This quilt has a beautiful, dreamy quality to it - I like the design in the plain blocks.
Enjoy your holiday.
Lily said…
Wow Duyvken! This was your FIRST project? It's beautiful. I would love to see a photo when it's finished. And those chocolate brownies look positively sinful!!

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