My work in progress

I did some more stitching in the ditch quilting last night and am fast approaching the point at which I need to decide how to quilt the borders. I love the way Lazy Gal Quilting does freeform fans and it fits with my ethos of putting together something playful and relaxed for my son to enjoy so I think I will work them 4 or 5 deep around the perimeter of his quilt and see how they turn out. Quilting this has made me see all the sections where my measurements and cuts were a few mm out but I am pleased with it nonetheless. I love the colours in it, particularly the green, and think it will be a nice cheery thing for him to snuggle up to when the cooler weather arrives. The photo shows the quilt in it's current state pinned to the curtains in my bedroom, not the best way to photograph a quilt, I have discovered ;-) It really does lay flat, I promise.

I have been reading Modern Quilt Workshop by Ringle and Kerr and enviously eyeing their colours combinations and designs, I look forward to having the skills to attack some of their patterns. It has also opened my eyes to lots of things that more seasoned quilters already know e.g. you don't always have to stitch in the ditch (hooray methinks), you shouldn't always assume that a quilt needs a border and that the repitition of one block pattern across an entire quilt can be truly stunning. I must see if I the library has a copy of Color Harmony for Quilts, it also looks like a wonderful book.


Tonya R said…
Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like your castle quilt - bright cheery sun. Glad you're going to try the fans around the border - I think that'll look great.
There's no reason a quilt that's for snuggling needs to lay flat. Seams that don't match up just add charm. Don't get the quilt police being judgemental in your head.
I look forward to seeing more of your work, inc your mobiles. Cheers.

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