Making good progress

Quilting continues apace! I have made some good progress today with the quilting and should be ready to start on the borders before the end of the week. Then I get to try my first attempt at binding. I'm not too concerned about sewing the binding on, although I am not looking forward to all that straight line stitching, but I am a little worried about cutting and sewing the strips together to have a nice straight piece of material to start with. I liked Tonya's comment about the 'quilt police', I really want this new craft to be something that is just for me and I hope I can avoid needing other people's validation. Of course, for me that is often easier said than done...

Went to the pool this afternoon and managed to do 6 laps of the 50m pool, I really need to work on getting back in shape! Mr Duyvken did a cool km and could have swum longer but the kidlet's teeth were chattering so we hauled him out of the water. It started raining just as we arrived so we have the place almost to ourselves which was lovely. J really enjoyed the water and G enjoyed practicing her swimming and showing daddy how much she learned in her swimming lessons over the last 2 weeks.

Blogs are always more fun with pics so here's a photo of G and her cousin at swimming lessons last week.


Tonya R said…
If the quilt police ever start sneaking into your head, just ask yourself how far would outsider/naif artists get if they listened to the art police saying "your perspective is wrong, people don't look like that, you're not using that brush correctly..."
Some rules are helpful if it means a lap quilt isn't going to fall apart the first time it's used, but aesthetics? bah humbug. Be you.

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