I don't have much quilt progress to report (far too humid this weekend to sit with it draped over my lap) but we have had such a wonderful weekend. Mr Duyvken finished up at work on Friday and is off for 2 1/2 weeks so we are looking forward to a couple of very relaxing weeks. We will drive up to Forster to visit the in-laws who have had a sea change and are retiring up there. They have a small property on Wallis Lake that we all refer to as 'the farm' and the kids are very excited about having a ride on the tractor and counting the cows.

In the top left corner of the quilt is a block that I pieced to look like a banner in which I am going to stitch either J's Castle. I'll have to find a nice sharp needle with a bigger eye to get a few strands of DMC through so that it shows up nicely. I was going to embroider it but I think quilting it through all three layers will be more serviceable and will make it look folkier. I may also quilt some squiggles onto the buildings to give them more interest. Or I will stick with the original plan and echo quilt doors and windows. I guess I'll see what mood strikes when I get there!

One of Mr Duyvken's projects for his holiday break is to finish the cot he making for our first nephew, Callum, who was born in November. Mr Duyvken has made some beautiful things for us, including a bed for G and a cot for J, and also made this beautiful jewellery box as a Christmas present for his sister in 2003. He plans on making a few more boxes this year as they are good practice pieces, don't cost a lot in materials and you don't need a whole room to keep it in when it's finished! I look forward to having beautiful boxes throughout the house.


Tonya R said…
love love love that you're going to put words in the banner. Can I suggest that you go with Jem's rather than the longer version? You can make it bigger that way, easier to read AND easier to quilt.
Why not quilt in a door, windows AND some squiggles onto the buildings all with colored floss? Guess it depends on how much work you want to do, plus you may not want to quilt a lot in the building and then have nothing in the sky. Altho you could quilt in birds, a dragon, a kite, a rocket ship, clouds...
Right now you have a simple, dramatic quilt and that would change if you went nuts with all the quilting... Decisions, decisions.
Just in case you haven't seen this, you might want to check out:
Gorgeous box - you're lucky to have a creative hubby.
Sorry to have babbled at you so much. Enjoy your holiday.
Duyvken said…
Tonya, I have actually quilted rays around the sun and a cloud in one of the sky blocks but you can't see them very clearly. I am using cotton thread but will definitely have to switch to embroidery floss for the name banner so that it will stand out more. I love the idea of adding a dragon, I was flirting with quilting a knight in there somewhere... So many possibilities! I started this on Dec 7 and had hoped to have it finished for Christmas but as that deadline came and went I have decided not to sweat on a deadline and just enjoy the process. The straight line ditch quilting gets a little old so sunshine and clouds are very welcome distractions.

Thanks for the link, that is very useful! I've got #1 going at the moment but will need #3 (at least) to make the name banner look suitably punchy.

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