Future Projects

I have a few things lined up to do and a few ideas running around in my head so I thought I would start a projects list. I am looking forward to conquering my fear of borders and binding so that I can complete projects 1 and 2 and embark on the fun process of selecting fabrics and seeing an idea come together for the rest of the list.

1. Quilt the border and bind the baby quilt.
2. Quilt the border, embroider Jem's name and a few creatures and bind the castle quilt
3. Make the Bareroots 'You Are Loved' wallhanging for G from the pattern Mr Duyvken bought me from a gorgeous little quilt shop in Berrima. This should be a good opportunity to learn applique and to practice my embroidery.
4. Make some of the Stargazey daiziez blocks and become friendly with a rotary cutter.
5. Make a pirate wallhanging using Lazy Gal's free pieced letters. Plenty of phrases like X marks the spot, take 3 steps west, 7 steps north and dig, ahoy me hearties, etc.
6. Make a few table runners to play with designs and colours on a small and manageable scale.
7. Do something with brights on a black fabric.
8. Make a pieced circles wallhanging using aboriginal fabrics.
9. A white wallhanging with 2 pink vertical lines set slightly to the right of centre.


Tonya R said…
Sounds like a fun list of projects. I like the pirates one, of course. Yes, make friends with your rotary cutter - it's an amazing tool.
shellyC said…
good luck with your list....look forward to the photos as they progress.
Lily said…
I so need to make a list too - but I think I would be scared by how much is on there! Is the wallhanging for your home?

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