Art naif, folk art, outsider art

whichever way you choose to name it I just love this artistic style. I was lucky enough to travel to London and Paris in August to visit my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and while in Paris visited this wonderful gallery in Le Marais. Galerie Naifs du Monde Entier contained many treasures and Nic and I spent quite a while browsing through all the pieces and chatting with the proprieter. I particularly liked the work by Arthur Zurabian, I was tempted to attach myself to some major debt to take home a piece of a boy offering a donkey a carrot. It was so beautiful, I still think of it frequently. I would love to try to capture his colour palette in a quilt made of pieced circles. Definitely one for the future project's list.


Tonya R said…
I love outsider art too. Just wish I could see these pics larger - looks like a gallery I'd love to visit.

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