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Novels, Truth, Flanagan and Fidler

Every weekeday at 11am Richard Fidler's radio program is aired. It is called Conversations and, as the name suggests, is a conversation between Richard and his guest. There is a new guest each day. Some days the names are well known and the voices are recognisable. Other days the names are unknown and voices are new but the conversations are always captivating, compelling and thought-provoking. Richard is a wonderful interviewer. He draws the most interesting stories out of his guests. He asks great questions, doesn't impose himself on their tale and gives them just the right amount of space to speak before drawing them back to the central narrative. I enjoy listening to them as much as to figure out the craft and the structure of the show as to listen to the conversations themselves.
On the show that aired yesterday (October 16 2017) Richard was speaking with Richard Flanagan. It was part of a promotional tour for RF's new book First Person. First Person is a novel but i…

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